Our broad product range of Chloro Alkalies & other Industrial Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Engineering Plastics, backed by an efficient logistics system and individualized customer care make Ideal Chemicals - an 'ideal' company to deal with.
Sameer Sharda
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Authorized Dealer of :

Gujarat Alkalies & Chemical Limited



Welcome to Ideal Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ideal Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a premier chemical marketing company dealing in Chloro Alkalies and other Industrial Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Engineering Plastics. With a strong base in Western India, Ideal Chemicals is fast establishing a strong pan-India presence by expanding its infrastructure set-ups across the nation.

Ideal Chemicals is a proud authorized dealer of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd. (GACL), India’s largest producer of various Chloro - alkali products. The company is also affiliated with renowned industrial corporation - Dharamsi Morarji Co. Ltd (DMCC), as an authorized dealer.

The product range of Ideal Chemicals include: Chloro-alkalies such as Caustic Soda, Chlorine & Chloromethane, Phosphoric acid, Sulphuric acid & other Sulphur derivatives, Hydrogen Peroxide etc. To meet the escalating industrial demands, the company integrated products from petrochemicals and engineering plastics viz. Methanol, Phenol, Cyclohexanone, Cyclohexane, Titanium Dioxide etc (petrochemicals) and Nylons, Polyacetals, Polycarbonates, PBT, PET (engineering plastics) in its products range.

Ideal Chemicals also boast an organized distribution network & developed logistics supply chain that ensure prompt product delivery and services.